show me lovers screaming at each other
at least it’s showing me something I can see



Skookum’s had enough of your bullshit


Title: Get Back to Hogwarts
Artist: Darren Criss, Joey Richter, Bonnie Grueson, Devin Lytle, Lily Marks, Sango Tajima, Tyler Brunsman, Lauren Lopez, Dylan Saunders, Ensemble
Played: 49211 times


back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts,

to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts 

it’s all that I love and it’s all that I need,

at hogwarts, hogwarts, I think I’m going back 

happy september first! 



Children are not possessions.
Children are not accessories.
Children are not relationship band aids.
They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

Be kind to them.

When The World Collapsed


Summary: When the world fell apart Blaine was supposed to be there.

Prompt: Blaine has some job in the Twin Towers and on the morning of September 11th he oversleeps. While Blaine is rushing to get ready/to work he either A) sees the attack on the news or B) is rushing down the street to work and actually sees the first plane hit the tower. Blaine has to adjust to the fact that had he not by some stroke of fate slept through his alarm, he could very well be dead Kurt either doesn’t live with him (they’re early in their relationship or something) or he has to leave for work before Blaine gets up so he doesn’t know that Blaine wasn’t in the building. He sees it on the news and calls Blaine in a panic.

Warnings: September 11th, near death experience. 

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Kept seeing a dark shadow on the wall outta the corner of my eye and I thought it was a bug but apparently the dark shadow on the wall was me moving my foot and wow I need to go to bed